Souvenir Program Examples and Extra Instructions

Creating your player Ad

  • You can create your own Ad in PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, Pages, Photoshop, etc, etc
  • Or, if you need help, our design committee can create a basic player ad for you
  • All pictures and information should be submitted through our website (see link below)

Please note: Player Ads are different from Senior Pages.
All Seniors will have a dedicated Senior Page designed by our graphic artist. Most all seniors will have both, a senior page and a player ad, unless a senior requests not to have a player ad from their family. All Senior Pages are created using the Senior information and pictures (Baby, Graduation and Soccer Action) you provide us. If you only have printed pictures and need them scanned in, please put your name on them in an envelope and get them to, Jennifer Chambrin, and she will scan them in for you. Otherwise, try and submit good quality, medium to high resolution jpg or png files if you can.


Below are some older samples but give you a good idea of what player ads look like. Click on the picture to enlarge it. You can download last year’s Souvenir Book as a pdf if you want to view what families came up with last year.

Full Page Ad

Multi-Player Ad

Half Page Ad

2016 Souvenir Program

Walton Soccer Logos and PowerPoint Blank and StarterTemplates

Click on the logos you want to use in your player ad to download a copy to your computer or device. If you are worried about the size of your player ad and would like to create it using PowerPoint, please open one of the blank templates below. If you really need some help, we have STARTER PowerPoint templates that have all of the logos, sample text and sample pictures. You will need to choose a logo or two, insert your own player picture and edit the text to what you would like to say. Delete the logos and pictures you don’t want to use.

Walton Logo VertBall LogoDiamond LogoSwords Logo TranspPowerPoint LogoPowerPoint Logo
Ball LogoDiamond LogoSwords Logo TranspHalf Page BlankFull Page Blank
Walton Horiz LogoSwords Logo WhitePowerPoint LogoPowerPoint Logo
Vertical WaltonHorizontal WaltonSwords Logo WhiteHalf Page StarterFull Page Starter

Re-submitting information

If you have already submitted your player ad plus information and would like to make changes, you may submit a second time (or third for some of you) using the online form. You may also just email, Jennifer Chambrin explaining your changes if that is easier.

The earlier you submit your information the easier it is on us to pull it together, so please don’t wait until the last minute to submit if you don’t have to.

Parents with multiple Walton Soccer players

  • If you are creating one full page Ad for both or all of your players, please choose one player as the primary player for submitting the information. Use the “Instructions or Comments” box to add the second player’s information, ex, Name, Year, Team.
  • IF ONE OF YOUR PLAYERS IS A SENIOR this year, please use your senior player as the primary player. When you select “Year: Senior”, that triggers the Senior Page form to display at the bottom for you to complete.
  • If both of your player’s are Seniors, please complete two separate submittals so we can capture both sets of Senior Information. If you have a common ad for both of them, pick one child to submit that ad with. As always, you can leave special instructions in the “Instructions” box.