Walton Physical Day – April 30th

As part of our school partnership with Northside Hospital, one benefit we enjoy is an onsite “physical day” for all of our athletes for the upcoming school year. All athletes must have a “current” physical exam for each new school year that is dated on or after April 1 of the previous school year. In addition, the physical must be recorded on the CCSD form (attached) and must be 100% complete before a student can participate in any athletic activity, including summer or preseason workouts and certainly during the regular season. Info for the upcoming physical day:

Date:    Saturday, April 30, 2022                                                       

Time:    8:00am – 11:30am, by appointment only. (Time slots will be added after 11:30 if all of the slots from 8:00 to 11:30 fill up.) Click here to reserve an appointment time.   

Where: Walton High School Gym

Cost:     $25, cash or check. (ALL proceeds go directly back into the Walton Sports Medicine and Athletics programs.)

All athletes should complete the Online Athletic Registration on ParentVUE before coming to their appointment and bring a hard copy of the blank physical form for the doctors to complete. The Online Athletic Registration for the 2022-23 school year is currently open for everyone to start a new registration. You will use the Online Athletic Registration to complete ALL of the required consent, insurance, and medical information. To access the Online Athletic Registration, log into your ParentVUE account (or create a new one) on the Parent’s menu on the Cobb County School District home page (www.cobbk12.org). If you have any difficulty in setting up or accessing your ParentVUE account, please contact the ParentVUE coordinator at Walton High School (Melissa Schrenk in the Guidance Suite).

**If your student has a cleared registration for the present school year, they are fine through the end of the year on May 25, including spring tryouts for fall sports (volleyball, softball, cheerleading) and spring football practice; however, their registration for the next school year must then be completed and cleared before they can participate in summer workouts/practices or in any activity next year.

**If they do not have a cleared registration for this year, then their new one for next year must be completed before any spring tryouts for fall sports.

Steps to do before, during, and after Physical Day on April 30:

Use the Online Athletic Registration to complete steps 1-4 (1. Register, 2. Consent, 3. Insurance, 4. Medical History and Supplemental History, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness), and Concussion Form (attached) before April 30. These pages must be completed in order to start the physical exam. Print the completed Medical History and Supplemental History forms as well as the blank Physical Examination and Clearance forms, all within step 4, and bring with you on April 30.

  • The doctors will complete the Physical Examination and Clearance forms during the exam, and will need to see the two History forms as they do so.
  • Following physical day, upload the completed Physical Examination, Clearance, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness, and Concussion forms on “Step 5. Documents.”
  • The school will then complete step 6. Final…and you’re good to go through the end of next school year.
  • Keep your hardcopy of the Physical Examination form, etc., so that you will have access to it whenever you need it over the next year.

**If you do not have access to ParentVue at this point for any reason, fill out all of the information on the attached Physical form and bring with you to the exam. We can then use that hardcopy to clear you for activities until you have a ParentVue account and can upload everything. Only complete this form if you do not have ParentVue to complete online yet.  

We HIGHLY encourage our athletes to take care of physicals on this date rather than waiting to the last minute before tryouts! We look forward to seeing everyone on April 30, 2022!

Please contact Head Trainer, Tony Hunter, with any questions regarding “Physical Day” – Anthony.Hunter@cobbk12.org