2019 Walton Soccer Scholarship Form

There are two $1000 scholarships available for graduating senior Walton Soccer Players, one male and one female.

All Applications due by Wednesday, May 1, 2019

  1. The Walton Nale Family Award (awarded to a female in 2019)
  2. The Walton Soccer Booster Club Scholarship (awarded to a male in 2019)

These scholarships focus on rewarding academic achievement, as well as their contribution to the Walton Soccer program and the Walton Community. Eligible applicants must satisfy the following conditions:

  • a high school senior
  • entering an undergraduate degree program in the fall after the application deadline or the following Spring
  • a soccer player and member in good standing in the Walton Soccer Booster Club

If you have any questions please contact Siobhan Cummins.

When ready to apply, please complete the below online application. Each applicant will be asked to submit the following:

  1. Scholarship Application with essay
  2. Transcript of Grades
  3. Copy of Letter of Acceptance from the college you will be attending Fall 2018 or Spring 2019

The applicant will be asked to submit a separate essay (uploaded as a word document, pdf or other similar application) about themselves that highlights the applicants activities and interests describing any jobs, school and community activities, organizations, sports, hobbies, projects and special family responsibilities. Please include all awards, honors, accomplishments and any offices held in a brief description. The Scholarship Committee will also need to have a copy of your transcript of grades from Walton High School. You can print out or save an electronic copy from the Walton Grades website or you can have the Walton Records room print one out for you. You will need to scan it in and attach it with your application. Remember to submit a copy of your acceptance letter from your college.

If you have any problems submitting your Scholarship Application online, please download a paper copy of the application (below), complete it, sign it and drop it off at the front desk. Please put it in an envelope titled, “Walton Soccer Booster Club, Scholarship Application”. Remember to include your transcript and essay.

Please click here for our paper application and more information.

Please submit your application by Wednesday, May 1, 2019