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If you already have a Twitter account, you can choose your team above and click “Follow@…..” next to your team. Follow the instructions. If you need to set up your own personal Twitter Account or need instructions on how to follow a team from your twitter account, click Here for instructions.

Walton Soccer is now using Twitter to send live game updates to all our followers (parents, family, friends etc) who might not be able to attend each and every game. Each team now has a separate Twitter account for you to follow your player(s) specific team. In order to follow a team, you will need to sign up for your own personal twitter account. Information we hope to send you will be 1. Game Started, Half Time Score, Final Score, and all goals scored by each team when they happen.

  • You follow your team online when you log onto your twitter account or…..
  • Enable Mobile Notifications and receive text messages to your mobile device.

Keep in mind this is dependent on our “volunteer” whether it be a Team Manager or dedicated parent who attends all of the games and will use our account soley to “Tweet” us live updates. If there is no volunteer then no tweets. If a soccer games finishes 0-0, there won’t be many “tweets”. As we enter region play for our varsity teams, overtime and penalty kicks will get very exciting.