2018 Women’s JV Results

Schedule is subject to change. Click on the school name in red to see a Google map of the location for away games.
* = Region Games
CH (changes): A=Game Added, T=Time Changed, D=Date Changed, L=Location Changed, X=Game Cancelled

 Women's Junior Varsity(0-0-0)
2/5/2018Monday5:55 PM@ Campbell
2/8/2018Thursday7:30 PMvs Marist
2/12/2018Monday7:00 PMvs Riverwood
2/15/2018Thursday5:55 PMvs Pope
2/22/2018Thursday5:55 PM@ Harrison
2/24/2018Saturday11:00 AMvs Tift County
2/26/2018Monday5:55 PM@ Brookwood
3/1/2018Thursday7:30 PMvs Etowah *
3/5/2018Monday5:45 PMvs Lassiter *
3/7/2018Wednesday7:30 PM@ Woodstock *
3/12/2018Monday7:30 PM@ Roswell *
3/19/2018Monday5:55 PM@ Lassiter *
3/22/2018Thursday5:55 PMvs Blessed Trinity